August 6, 2016

WMS Label Format Setup and Demo

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Labels are an integral part of WMS functionalities.
This will help in easy transaction, clear tracking and using this transactions can be automated.
Oracle provides different types of labels to setup as per your business transactions.
Supplier labeling speeds-up the receiving process by enabling bar code scanning of inbound purchase orders, that results in less receipt processing time, immediate recognition of available materials, and higher receiving accuracy.
Labels can be customized as per customer needs to cpmly with specific business or govt compliances with fields and barcodes.
Even you can print customized documents as labels in case of requirement using label printing api.
Below is the step wise setup with an example for clear understanding

Create an Item

Inventory Super User -> Inventory -> Items -> Master Items

Assign Items to the organization
Tools -> Organization Assignments

Define Label Format

You can use oracle provided standard Labels or you can customize as per your business need
Warehouse Manager -> Setup -> Warehouse Configuration -> Printers & Devices -> Define Label Format

Select label type and entity type, find seeded label format and click on Label Fields and variables to check visible fields. You can define your custom format and select required fields.

Assign Label Format to Business Flow

Setup -> Warehouse Configuration -> Printers & Devices -> Assign Label Format to Business Flow

*Drill down business flow and select Miscellaneous / Alias Receipt. Assign label type at user level

Create Label Format Rule

Setup -> Warehouse Configuration -> Rules -> Warehouse Execution -> Rules
*Create a new Label format rule to satisfy the business condition
Then run Generate All Rule concurrent program

Do A transaction to understand how it works

Do a Misc Receipt Transaction using MSCA 

Check the generated Labels

Navigate to
Warehouse manager -> Inquiry -> View Label Requests
Query by giving your user id or any such specific parameter in the form and you will be able to see the label, its status with details and the XML format of the label.

This labels can be printed in all types of label printers provided by many different vendors like Zebra, etc.

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