December 15, 2015

Oracle SCM Functional Interview Questions: WMS

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Are locators mandatory for WMS ?
Yes, Locators are mandatory in WMS
What setup you do to enable WMS for an inventory organization ?
Organization should be WMS enabled in Organization Parameter form.
What is LPN ?
LPN is License Plate Number. This is an identification of an object/container(logical or physical) which holds Item/Items.
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What is cost group ?
Cost group is a combination of accounts(material and overhead accounts) which are setup at subinventory/organization level. When any transaction will happen, it will hit those accounts. As part of WMS, cost group can be assigned at material level. You can have multiple cost groups with in a subinventory based on different attributes as per your need.
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What are the different rules you can setup in WMS ?
Pick, Put away, Task Type Assignment, Cost Group Assignment, Label Format, Operational Plan selection
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What is pick wave ?
Pick Wave is the process of Picking a Group of orders which can be released to different warehouse operator with the use of Pick Release rule WMS Pick rule and WMS Task assignment rule.
Wave picking is a term for a process used in a warehouse management system to describe a process to support managing the work of a warehouse or distribution center. Wave picking is an application of short interval scheduling, to assign orders into groupings (waves) and release them together so as to allow management to coordinate the several parallel and sequential activities required to complete the work.
The individual orders in the wave are dependent on the criteria used to make the selection.[2] The wave data includes the workload by order or function (case picking, repack picking, pallet movement, pick position replenishment, packing, etc.), providing management the information to calculate staff requirements and assign staff by function, with the expectation that the work in each function, within each wave, can be started and be completed at about the same time. There are two basic planning elements and benefits of wave picking.
To organize the sequence of orders and assignment to waves, consistent with routing, loading and planned departure times of shipping vehicles or production requirements, etc., to reduce the space required for shipping dock handling to assemble orders and load; and
To assign staff to each wave and function within a wave, with the expectation that all the work assigned to each wave will be completed within the wave period, providing management with the ability to monitor and manage performance throughout the day, and respond in a timely way to problems that occur, and more effectively utilize the staffing throughout the shift.
Material handling methods and equipment are independent of waving. Each set of method (e.g., order pick, batch pick, bulk pick) and equipment (e.g., conveyor and sorter, ASRS, order picker, pallet jack, fork lift) will yield a different expected productivity rate for management to use in determining the number of staff-hours to assign to each function by wave.
Additional benefits of wave picking include the improved ability to
  • measure productivity within a function
  • budget labor
  • estimate the throughput capacity based on staffing levels
  • evaluate the impact of changes in methods and equipment by function
  • provide feedback regarding performance
  • Better understand the nature of the workload as it changes seasonally, as a consequence of demand, and as a consequence of sales efforts and marketing campaigns
Where do you use multi-level LPN ?
Multi level LPNs are used when business needs to pack LPN controlled items into a container which itself LPN controlled.
For example: During Shipping, EACH items packed in BOX and BOX are packed in PALLET.
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Explain put away rules ?
Put away rules are defined to direct the picked items to business required staging areas in outbound orders and direct the destination locations for inbound purchase order or RMAs.
Put away rules can be defined with many business restrictions as per the need
What are task management activities you can do in MWS ?
Task Management is the activity where warehouse controller will manage different tasks dispatched to warehouse like pick, put away. Controller can assign, unassign tasks to the warehouse resources either to persons or equipment using Warehouse Control Board.
Explain cross-docking feature ?
Cross docking is a process to accommodate the inbound material directly to a staged area for any existing outbound orders.
Supplies are directly tagged to demands and transacted from staging area.
This increases the efficiency of any warehouse operation and order fulfillment process by eliminating the steps of putting supplies into inventory and picking demands from inventory.
Oracle provided cross docking is 2 types

  • Planned Cross Docking
  • Opportunistic cross docking

In case of Planned crossdocking the pre-allocation is done during Pick Release. In opportunistic crossdocking dynamic allocation is done during material putaway.
How to achieve Cross Dock for partial quantity or Cross docking for 1 Sales Order and not for other Sales order?

What is bulk picking ?
Can WMS support over picking ?
What is express picking ?
Explain the cartonization features ?
What is warehouse control board ?
Can we use MSCA without WMS ?
What is MSCA ?
What are warehouse management strategies ?
Difference between physical and Cycle Count?
Why can’t we do physical Count as Cycle count?
How we can assign the tasks to employees automatically?
How to query in Warehouse Control Board?
How to Auto Print WMS label for one item and not for other?
How XML label data sent to printer? I.e. its not printing as shown in XML therefore so how printer print labels?
I want to display all 3 thing say item, LPN and Sub inventory in same line. How to achieve that?
What are basic setups to use MSCA or WMS?
How machines assigned to a particular task? is machine is also a resource or only person is a resource? if machine is not a resource how we assign it to a person or task?
Type of Label in WMS?
Type of label formats in WMS?
Can a LPN created in one organization be used in a different organization?
Ans: Yes it can be used using API WMS_CONTAINER_PUB.REUSE_LPNS provided the current LPN context is Issued Out Of Store and there is no pending transaction on that LPN.

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