December 15, 2015

Oracle Warehouse Management System: License Plate Number (LPN)

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Oracle WMS: LPN

LPN is License Plate Number.
This is nothing but an identification of a certain object which holds Item/Items.
So for understanding, you can say LPN is an identification of a box in which you have kept the item/s whether in your warehouse locations or you have consolidated for shipping or identified for picking or receiving. At any point of time, item/s/group of items can be tracked using one single identification that is called LPN.
  •  This can be a physical container or a logical grouping.
  •  A single LPN can contain one or many qty of the same or different items
  • This is used to store information of items such as LOT, Revision, Serial, Organization, subinventory, locator, etc.
  • Contents of an LPN can be tracked during inventory stocking, shipping, receiving, in-transit
  • Receiving, Shipping, Picking, Packing of material can be done using LPN
  • Onhands can be tracked using LPN
  • Multiple items and qty can be transacted using LPN
  • Contents can be packed, unpacked, split or updated in LPN
  • Labels can be printed based on LPN for the contents inside an LPN
  • LPNs can be reused if that is empty or not assigned to any content

Nesting LPN

Oracle WMS allows to use LPN in nested also.
For example, you have made a Combo deal sale for Christmas.
If customer buys 2 laptop units, they will get one USB hub free.
And for better and faster shipment, you have already packed the units and kept for ready to ship.
So now the nesting hierarchy is like this

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