December 16, 2015

Shipping Document Printing in Oracle Application

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Document Printing

In most of the oracle process, we need documents to be printed.
For example, during shipping, we need pick slip and pack slips to be printed in the warehouse or shipping doc.

Many business do they have multiple printers setup in the warehouse in different zones for the convenience of order fulfillment.

As per the requirement, oracle has given the flexibility to assign printers to the documents.
Below pre-requisites needed for automated document printing
  • Required Document Report needs to be defined and registered in oracle
  • Printer to be used in the warehouse needs to be defined and installed in the network
  • Printer needs to be connected on proper ip in the network

Assigning Printer to the Document

You can assign shipping documents and selected reports to specific printers. For example, you can assign pick slips and pack slips to your warehouse tractor feed printer, your mailing labels to a tractor feed printer stocked with blank labels, and other documents to a laser printer in your order entry office.
You can assign each shipping document and report to a different printer for each user, responsibility, application, or site. If a user or responsibility is not specified, Oracle Order Entry/Shipping uses the printer that you indicate for the application.

Navigate to the Order Management Super user responsibility
Setup --> Shipping --> Documents --> Choose Printer

Expand the Document Option and select the document name for which you want to assign a printer

Here you have multiple flexibility to choose a printer in different level.
You can choose a printer at below levels

  • You can choose from Site, Application, Responsibility, or User
  • If you select Responsibility or User in the Level field, choose the specific name in this field. If you select Site or Application in the Level field Oracle Order Entry/Shipping displays the name of your site, or Oracle Order Entry, and skips to the next field.
  • Select the name of the printer to which you want the shipping document to print.
  • Check the Enabled check box to activate the printer assignment
Do the setup as per your convenience.
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