December 15, 2015

Oracle WMS: LPN Context

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LPN Context

LPN Context is nothing but the state/status of the LPN. Oracle WMS provided many states for an LPN. As per the current state/context, the usage of the LPN will change.
These context can be used to customize specialized picking and put away rules. Also context will help in querying tasks in warehouse control board.

Below are the different LPN context and their state definition

These context have a numeric value in the back end table.


Resides in Inventory:

Indicates that material associated with this LPN has been costed and accounted for in inventory. A LPN with this context may not be used when receiving material against a standard or inspection routed receipt, but may be used during a direct delivery routed receipt. Outbound transactions can be performed on LPNs with this context.

Resides in WIP:

Indicates that material associated with this LPN is currently being transacted in WIP (Work in Process). Therefore, the associated material is not yet in inventory and has not been costed to inventory.

Resides in Receiving:

Indicates that material associated with this LPN have been received using a standard routing or inspection routing receipt and have not been delivered/put away yet. Therefore, the associated material is not yet in inventory and has not been costed to inventory.

Issued out of Stores:

These LPNs are no longer tracked by the system, and hence, no longer associated with a locator within the warehouse. The system does however retain history information pertaining to transactions this LPN was involved in and material it was associated with prior to leaving the warehouse. LPNs shipped out of inventory receive this context and may not be re-received.


When LPNs are pre-generated by Oracle WMS and have not been used yet, they are not associated with any physical material. They can be printed and used to identify material during any stage of the material management process such as inbound, replenishment, outbound, and so on. Essentially, this context refers to LPNs that are ready to be used.

Resides in In-Transit:

A LPN with this context is an indication that it is currently moving from one location to another. Possible uses for this are when a LPN is moved from one organization to the next, for example while the LPN is on a truck. The LPN is in an intermediary state, but resides within the entire system. This context is used only for inter-org transit or internal sales orders where an indirect shipping network is defined between the organizations.

Resides in Vendor Site:

When a vendor sends an Advanced Shipment Notice (ASN) to Oracle WMS, the system internally generates LPNs and associates them with material information on the ASN. These LPNs receive this context. Material associated with LPNs of this context are not on-hand or costed until it is actually received.

Packing Context:

This context is temporary and used internally by the software as an intermediary. It should not be used or referenced anywhere including the setup of picking or put away rules.

Loaded for Shipments:

An LPN loaded for shipment has just been loaded onto a carrier ready to leave the warehouse. Once the entire carrier leaves the dock, the LPN obtains a context of 6 Resides in Intransit or 4 Issued out of Stores.

Prepack of WIP:

LPNs that reside in WIP and are associated with material that is pre-packed by WIP receive this context. This context adds an extra level of granularity to an LPN's usage within WIP. This is used when the system has associated the LPN with material and printed the labels, but the material has not yet been physically packed.


LPNs picked during the picking process receive this context. They are intransit within the warehouse.

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