July 30, 2014

WMS Rule Simulation for Pick/Putaway

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1. Find an organization which is WMS enabled
2. Take any item assigned to this org, make sure you have onhand present
3. Make sure you have your Pick and Put away rules defined for that org
4. If you are defining stratergy then assign those in the work rule bench also
5. Create a sales order
6. use the item and source it from the WMS enabled org
7. Do Release Sales order
8. Make sure during pick release, you keep Auto Pick confirm as No and Auto allocate as No.
9. Then run the Pick release by Execute Now/Concurrent 
10. Go to shipping transaction form and copy the move order for this line
11. Now go to the WMS responsibility
12. Select Rules Simulation (Setup>Warehouse Configuration>Rules>Warehouse execution>Rule Simulation)
13. Select "Pick & Putaway" in the rule simulation form left panel, then Find Move Order button will be active
14. Click on Find Move order, enter the move order and click on Simulate.
15. Now you can see which Pick rule is used in Source Loc tab and Staging Putaway rule used in Destination Loc tab.

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