October 5, 2013

Oracle MWA Personalization

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Oracle MWA Personalization

This personalization can be done in 3 levels

  1. Function
  2. Organization
  3. Responsibility

Personalization Setup

Below profile options need to be setup
  • MWA: Enable Personalization: This will decide whether you want to enable the personalization or not
  • MWA: Cache Personalized Metadata: This profile option controls whether or not you need to bounce the MWA server.

Supported Mobile Pages

  • Pick Load
  • Pick Drop
  • Manual Load
  • Item Load
  • Move Any LPN
  • Putaway Drop
  • Update LPN
  • Mobile PO receipt
  • Mobile PO receipt information
  • LPN Ship
  • Mobile Ship confirm

Personalizing Mobile Pages

Step:1 Navigate to the Warehouse Manager Responsibility and choose MWA Personalization framework option under the Setup sub-menu

Step:2 Select a page and click on personalize, this will show all the fields in that page and their function level values with an edit option in the light of every field

Step:3 After clicking the edit button, make the required changes and click apply

Step:4 Navigate to the mobile page and review your personalization done for the page. Note: If the profile option “MWA: Cache Personalized Metadata” is set to “Yes” then, the personalization made will come into effect only after bouncing the mobile server

The Personalized Update LPN Page displays the page name as “* Update LPN (W1)” The “ * ” indicates that the page involved has been personalized.

The above picture shows the before and after view of the “Update LPN” page with the following personalization:
  • LPN field’s prompt changed to “Custom LPN”.
  • Default value is set to weight field and is made read-only.
  • LPN Attributes LPN DFF is enabled/rendered for the LPN field.
  • Content Vol. field is made hidden
  • Container field is made mandatory/required
  • Update LPN button’s prompt is changed to Custom Update

Activate/Deactivate Personalization

Personalization created for a page can be Activated/Deactivate from the activate/deactivate personalization page

These Personalizations can be done in Organization and Responsibilitry level too.

Step1: For doing personalization in Organization level, you have to select the page name and then give the organization name and click personalize

Step2: This will show value at organization level too

Step3: Click Edit button, do the changes and click Aply

Step4: Click Activate/Deactivate Personalization and make changes

Enabling Descriptive Flexfields for Mobile Pages

You can use mobile personalization to display descriptive flexfields on mobile pages. The LPN descriptive flexfield is WMS: License Plate Numbers. You can choose to enable users to update the descriptive flexfield, or display it as a read-only field on the mobile page. How the field appears, depends on the choices you select in the Personalization Field Properties page. To personalize descriptive flexfields on mobile pages, follow the procedure for personalizing mobile pages. The personalization options for descriptive flexfields are:
  • Display Inline: If you set the field to yes, then the descriptive flexfields are displayed on the same page. If you set the field to no, then the user enter the descriptive flexfield values on a separate page.
  • Default Context: If you set the field to yes, then the user can enter a default context for the descriptive flexfield
Source: docs.oracle.com

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