December 6, 2012

Oracle Inventory: Defining Item (Item Master)

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Defining an Item (Item Master):

Navigate to the Inventory Super User responsibility
Items à Master Items window
Choose the Org (master)

This is the window where you need to enter all attributes of the item.
Enter the Item and Description field and Save your work.

You can manually assign the attributes navigating to all the tabs like Main, Inventory, Bills of Materials, etc.
Also you can apply a predefined item template on this item as per your business need.
So for copying the attribute
Go to, Tools à Copy From

In this case, I am copying the attributes from the Finished Good template.
Then click on Apply and then Done.
Now the new Item acquired all attributes as per the Finished Good template.
You can go to individual tabs and check and modify the attributes as per your need.




Check whether following attributes are checked or not
Inventory Item, Stockable, Transactable, Reservable


Bill of Materials:


Asset Management:








Physical Attribute:


General Planning:


MPS/MRP Planning:


Lead Time:


Work in Process:


Order Management:




Process Manufacturing:




Web Option:

Check and modify the attributes and Save your work.
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