May 25, 2012

Oracle Inventory : Item

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An item is a part or services we can
Items can also be containers for items as well as components you build into other items.

Steps to Set Up, Define, and Maintain Items

The following are the steps for creating and maintaining items:
        Define Inventory organization.
        Create the item templates.
        Use the templates or existing items to define items.
        Enter values for additional item attributes.
        Assign a status to the item.
        Enable the item in organizations.
        Update the organizational-level attributes values.
        Assign categories to the item (optional)
        Assign items to catalog groups (optional)
        Define item relationships (optional)
        Delete items (optional)
Define only the information you need to maintain the item. You cannot define an item at the organization level. Oracle Inventory automatically switches to the Master Item window when you define a new item.

Item Master Organization

An item master organization is a logical entity that you use to define items. You use the other organizations to store and transact inventory. After you define an item in the item master, you can assign it to any number of other organizations.
There is no functional or technical difference between the item master organization and other organizations; however, it is recommended that you limit the item master to an item definition organization.
You should also define one item master organization per implementation. You can use the same item master for child organizations across different ledgers. Item masters are distinct entities with no relationship to each other. You cannot associate items in one item master organization with another item master organization. You cannot copy items across item master organizations.

Defining the Item Master Organization

You create the item master organization in the same way that you create other inventory organizations.
        You use the Organization window to create the item master organization.
        Use the Organization Parameters window to specify the organization as the Item Master.
        You assign child organizations to the item master organization
Note: The item master uses itself as its item master

Item Master

Always define items in the master organization. When you define an item, Oracle automatically changes your current organization to the master organization. You may enable your new items in as many child organizations as needed.

Item Attributes

Item attributes are the collection of information about an item.
Item Attribute Group:
        Bills of Material
        Asset Management
        General Planning
        Lead times
        Work In Process
        Order Management
        Process Manufacturing
        Web Option
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