May 17, 2012

Oracle Inventory: Implementation Considerations

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Implementation Considerations

Few question need to be answered before going to implement Oracle Inventory
When you set up your organizations you need to determine the organization type. For example, you need to determine if the organization is a process or a discrete organization and if you are using Oracle Warehouse Management. You can use Oracle Warehouse Management and Oracle Process Management in the same organization. You should not however, use Oracle Asset Management with Oracle Warehouse Management or Oracle Process Execution. If you plan on using Oracle Warehouse Management you need to determine if you are going to use the Warehouse Control system. If this organization transacts business with Japan, Taiwan, or Korea you can enable Chargeable Subcontracting for the organization. You must consider all of this information before you create items or process transactions.
·         Is it necessary to differentiate between receiving and storage subinventories in your warehouse?
·         Do you need to link your receipts to a receiving location?
·         Do you need to track material without it appearing in on-hand quantity?
Locator Control:
·         Do you need to implement locator Control?
·         Do you need to implement locator control for the organization, for individual subinventories or at the item level?
·         Should locator control be predefined, just-in-time or both?
Organization Access:
·         Should all responsibilities have access to the organization?
·         Which responsibilities should have the access to the organization?
Shipping Network:
·         Do you need to ship material between organizations?
·         Do you need to track inventory between transfers?
·         How do you want to ship material between organizations?
·         Do you Ship material to Japan, Korea or Taiwan?
·         Who owns the material until receipt, shipping organization or receiving organization?
·         Which receipt routing do you use, Standard, Direct or Inspection?
·         Is an internal order required for each shipment?
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