January 8, 2018

WMS Receipt Label Print flow

  1. Once Receiving transaction saved, it processes the transaction and inserts the data into rcv_shipment_headers, rcv_transactions.
  2. Once transaction completed in the same flow, inv_rcv_integration_apis.complete_lpn_group calls inv_label.print_label_wrap
  3. inv_label.print_label_wrap generates the detailed XML and publishes in label history table
  4. Once label history table populated with all data, inv_label.print_label_wrap calls INV_PRINT_REQUEST.SYNC_PRINT_REQUEST to print the label based on print mode and printers from profiles of either user or responsibility.
To get the label print work below basic setups need to be there
  1. Responsibility or user which does the transaction needs to be assigned to the Receipt business flow with required label format(material or lpn or serial, etc)
  2. For each label type, there should be a default label format
  3. If you want to have specific labels printed for different conditions then specific label format rules need to be defined in the system.
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