February 28, 2016

Multi Org Access Control Setup: Business Group to Inventory Organization

Below is the MO Hierarchy
Business Group à Legal Entity à Operating Unit à Inventory Organization

Business Group Setup

Below are the pre-setups required for Business Group

Define a Location

Navigate to Human Recourses Responsibility -> Work Structure -> Location

Enter Address Style, Address details, Timezone in Address Details Tab
In Shipping Details Tab, select all required business purposes for this location

Define the Business Group

Navigate to Human Recourses Responsibility -> Work Structure -> Organization -> Description

Select New

Enter the Business Group Name
Enter the location you have created
Select Internal in Internal or External field
Then Click Save
Enter Business Group in Name under Organization Classification Check Enabled and the Save

Click on Others Button, select *Business Group Info option from the LOV

Click on the Business Group Info. Field, it will open the DFF
Fill All the details

Click Ok and then Save

Setup Legal Entity

Need to create below 2 Legal Entities
India LE
Singapore LE Switch responsibility to General Ledger, Visions Operations (USA)
Navigate to Setup à  Financials à Accounting Setup Manager à Accounting Setups
Select Legal Entity Tab, the click on create Legal Entity

Enter the details

Select on Create New Address radio button for creating new address, else select an address from the existing list
Fill the details in General Information
Then Click on Apply.
Again go to Legal Entity tab and click on Create Legal Entity to create Singapore LE
Create or Select from the list

Click on Apply
Confirmation message displays

Create Ledger

We have to create 2 ledgers here

Chart of Account

Accounting Convention In multi org structure we will follow the same calendar, currency and chart of accounts for the companies. In the above scenario as we have the companies in 2 different countries we will have 2 different ledgers.
  • India Ledger
  • Sinapore Ledger
Switch responsibility to General Ledger, Visions Operations (USA)
Navigate to Setup à  Financials à Accounting Setup Manager à Accounting Setups

Click on Create Accounting Setup

We have already created the legal entity, so we can move to next
Enter the Primary Ledger details

You can create your own Chart of Account, Calendar, Currency and Subledger Accounting Method or you can use from the system.
Click Next

Click Finish

Create the Singapore Ledger Similarly

Create and Assign Operating Unit and Legal Entity

Switch responsibility to General Ledger, Visions Operations (USA)
Navigate to Setup à  Financials à Accounting Setup Manager à Accounting Setups

Enter the Ledger Name and Click Go 

Click Update Accounting Option button
Click Add Legal Entity 
Search for the India Legal Entity

Click on Apply button
Legal entity now attached
Click on the Update action for Ledger options and proceed next till finish.

After finish, operating unit option will be enabled

Adding Operating Unit to the Ledger

Click on the update button on the operating unit

Click on Add Operating Unit

Click Apply

Now Search the OU created
Click on Complete 

Now complete all other ledger option

Click Complete
Similarly complete the ledger setup and Operating and LE assignment for both the operating Units 

Create Inventory Organization

Read more on Oracle Inventory Organization

Navigate to Human Recourses Responsibility -> Work Structure -> Organization -> Description

Click on Others and select Accounting information
Click Ok, then Yes for the Save pop up.
Now Click others again and select Inventory Information

Enter details in the Inventory Tab

Enter the details in the costing tab

Enter the details in Revision, LOT, Serial And LPN tab

Enter the details in ATP, Pick, Item Sourcing tab

Enter the details in the Inter-org informations tab

Enter the details in the Other Accounts tab

Click on SAVE

Click OK

Create the other Inventory orgs for Kolkata and Singapore similary

Run the required programs to get access to all created OUs and Multi org structure

Run the Replicate Seed Data conc program to get access to the Operating Units created

Submit this program for all the Operating Units created
*Note: If the program not exists in Human Resource responsibility, try to look in System Administrator
Run the Multi-Org Setup Validation Report

Multi Org Access Control

This special feature of R12 allows users to submit or access data of multi operating usint using one responsibility.
Pre-requisites for this is to create a security profile and attach the required operating units under that
Navigate to Human resource responsibility
Security à Profile

Define the profile option and attach both the operating units

There are 4 ways you can control the security profile

  • View All organizations (no security) 
  • Secure organizations by organization hierarchy and/or organization list 
  • Secure organization by single operating unit 
  • Secure organizations by operating units and inventory organizations

Submit the Security List Maintenance concurrent program to activate the created security profile

Now create a new responsibility and user, assign the Multi org profile option to the responsibility and the responsibility to the user

Create Responsibility

Navigate to the System Administrator
Security à Responsibility à Define

Create User

Navigate to the System Administrator
Security à User à Define

Assign the responsibility 

Set the profile

Navigate to the System Administrator
Profile à System

You can use below profile options as as well for multi org access control

MO: Default Operating Unit: Even though you have the flexibility to choose many orgs or operating unit from the responsibility, if you want to default any specific operating unit in the responsibility, you can use this profile option.
This can be set at responsibility and user level. This comes into picture when you are using Multi Org Access Control (MOAC).

But if you are not using MOAC and want to tag the responsibility or user to an Operating Unit, you can use the profile option MO: Operating Unit.

If you are using Order Management responsibility to test this and using Sales Order Form, then Operating Unit field is not visible.
To show Operating Unit in Sales Order form, you can use folder tool to move the existing field and and show the Operating Unit filed.
You can define your own folder.
Also you can default folders to any responsibility.

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