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August 23, 2014

1. Create an Item, should be Customer ordered, customer orderable, purchased, purchase order enabled
2. Give the buyer details
3. OM: Population of Buyer Code for Drop Ship should be Order Creator
4. Now add the buyer Employee to the user who will crete the PO
5. Create a sales order, line source type should be external(this can be setiup at item level too)
6. Once you book the order, workflow will be deferred.
7. Run the Workflow background, this will change the line status to Awaiting Receipt
8. Run the PO Requistion Import program from the PO responsibility with parameter Source as ORDER ENTRY and Initiate Approval after ReqImport as Yes.
9. Go to the sales order and in additoional information, drop ship tab, you can see the PO/PO req details
10.Go to Purchasing --> Autocreate, Goahead and create the PO Document and Approve the same.
11.Now go and receive the PO, this will automatically trigger the Sales order issue transaction for the drop ship SO
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To achieve this, you have to follow below steps
1. Define the Picking and Shipping Document set
2. Define a Ship confirm rule and add the shipping document here.
3. Define a a Pick Release rule
    (Make sure Auto Pick Confirm, Auto Create Delivery, Auto Pack Delivery are set as Yes)
4. Add the ship confirm rule in the shipping tab
5. Add the Picking Document set in Pick release rule
6. Make sure Auto allocate is Yes in Inventory tab.
7. Now use "Release Sales Order SRS" and Schedule it as per the frequency you need for the Pick release rule you have created.
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