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November 27, 2012

Oracle Inventory: Defining Locators

Bishnu Prasad Choudhury / / 1

Defining Locators

Inventory Super User à Setup à Organization à Stock Locators

Select New
There are 4 tabs: Parameters, Capacity, Dimensions, and Coordinates.


Locator: Enter the Locator with specific segments as defined for your business.
Description: Enter a proper description to identify.
Subinventory: Enter the subinventory name where the locator resides.
Type: Select the type, how you want to use the locator.


Choose the Capacity alternative region.
Enter a value for the maximum number of items you can store in this locator.
Enter unit of measure and maximum volume values describing the volume of inventory that can be stored in this locator.
Enter unit of measure and maximum weight values describing the weight of inventory that can be stored in this locator.
Similarly enter the details for Dimensions and Coordinates.
Save your Jobs once done.


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